SEASONAL SPECIAL – CNY Handmade Taiwanese Sausage

SEASONAL SPECIAL – CNY Handmade Taiwanese Sausage

  • Date:Feb 3rd, 2024
  • Time:14:30 -17:30
  • Fee:NTD 2,250/ppl
  • Language:English & Mandarin

Cookinn Taiwan is launching an exclusive course for the upcoming Chinese New Year – this year, let’s create your own “Taiwanese Sausages”!

Have you ever wondered how to craft the perfect bouncy and flavorful Taiwanese sausages? How to choose the right pork cuts, master the seasoning ratios, expertly stuff them, and ensure proper preservation? Join Cookinn Taiwan founder, Chelsea Tsai, as she guides you through the process step by step. Each participant will craft 1200g of sausages (choose from three flavors: original, garlic, black pepper, sorghum, or spicy) to take home – a delightful addition to your New Year’s Eve dinner table!

We’ve proudly selected the best-quality pork from the “Choice Pig” brand for you, because when it comes to family, only the finest ingredients will suffice! No need to rush around the kitchen or blindly shop. With our hands-on guidance, you’ll confidently create succulent sausages, ensuring handmade enjoyment for both adults and kids!

*Bring the kiddos along! Each paying adult can bring one child under 12 for free. Additional purchase for a second child is available for NT$500 (includes one type of sausage flavor)
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