About Us

Taiwanese people understand food as naturally as we breathe. And at CookInn Taiwan, we want you to experience Taiwanese cuisine in the most immersive way possible.

Instead of just visiting Taipei 101 and snacking at night markets, why not explore traditional markets and learn how to create your own favorite Taiwanese dishes with us? With our experienced and multilingual instructors, we will ensure that you take home new dishes and everlasting memories!

Our passion for great food and travel has led us around the world, bringing back new flavors to the Taiwanese cuisine that we understand and appreciate so well. Join us at CookInn so that we can show you how to make searching for and creating authentic Taiwanese food exciting!

Learn to cook like a chef

Vegetarian options available

Bring your children

Immerse in Taiwanese food culture

Classes available in multiple languages

Overseas Teaching Experience

2019.06.23  Taiwan tourism B2B event in Chicago, The United States

2019.06.27  Taiwan tourism B2B event in Toronto, Canada

2019.11.05   World Travel Market (WTM) London

2019.11.21   Taiwan tourism media event in Kuala Lumper, Malaysia

Media Coverage

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