“Xiao Chi” Taiwanese Street Food

“Xiao Chi” Taiwanese Street Food

-Gua Bao (Pork Belly Buns), Lu Rou Fan (Braised Pork Rice), Handmade Tapioca Pearls-

  • Classes on: Tues, Thurs
  • Time: 14:30 – 16:30
  • Price: NTD 2,200/per person
  • Language: English, Japanese, Mandarin

Xiao Chi (Small Eats) is the big thing in Taiwan. Lu Rou Fan and Gua Bao (also called “Taiwanese Hamburger”) are among the classics! And Bubble Milk Tea is Taiwan’s favorite drink that has now gained worldwide popularity.

During the 2-hour class, you’ll learn how to make the steam buns for Gua Bao, and also the tips to braise classic pork belly. Last but not least, you will get to make the chewy tapioca pearl from scratch and shake a cup of bubble milk tea by yourself! To understand the flavors and essence of Taiwan’s street food culture, this “Xiao Chi Taiwanese Street Food” is a cooking class that must not be missed!

* Receive full recipes and photos from the class
* This class is suitable for ages 12 and above. Children aged 7-11 may accompany at half price, and 1 child under the age of 6 may accompany free of charge.
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