SEASONAL SPECIAL: Mooncake Pastry Class

SEASONAL SPECIAL: Mooncake Pastry Class

– Egg Yolk Pastry , Mung Bean Pastry –

  • Time: 2 hours
  • Date: by request
  • Fee: by request
  • Language: English, Japanese & Mandarin

Come along with Cookinn Taiwan on an exciting journey into the realm of Taiwanese mooncakes. You’ll uncover the secrets behind creating exquisite Taiwanese treats like “egg yolk pastry” and “mung bean pastry,” all presented in easy-to-follow steps.

From choosing the right flour and butter to selecting the perfect bean paste fillings, Teacher Chelsea will lead you through the intricacies of Taiwanese ‘Oil Pastry’ delights. With finesse and simplicity, you’ll knead the dough, meticulously hand-roll it, add the radiant touch of egg yolk pastries, and adorn them with sesame seeds. You also have the option to seal your mung bean pastry with a distinctive red pastry stamp. Let’s immerse ourselves in the delight of crafting mooncakes together at this Moon Festival!

Each adult participant will create 3 delightful egg yolk pastries and 3 hearty mung bean pastries, all thoughtfully packed in a Cookinn gift box for you to take home.

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